Using Effective Practice to deliver better services

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Session outline

The YJB’s Social Research and Effective Practice Team ran a breakout session on the role of effective practice (EP) in youth justice, at this year’s Youth Justice Convention.

We sought your views and insights to help us gain a deeper understanding of how the YJB can support you with your EP needs, and shape our future approach.

Rob Street (Head of Evidence at the YJB) and Mark Mason (Senior Research Officer in the Social Research and Effective Practice team) gave a brief introduction on the use and dissemination of EP in the YJB (slides attached).

Participants then broke out into smaller discussion groups to consider a range of questions about what EP means to them and their service. These questions are presented below.


Session questions

1. What priority does your organisation give to effective practice?

- Do you develop your own interventions or mainly use established ones?

- What could be done to increase the priority and usefulness of EP for your/your area?


2. How do you find & share examples of effective practice in your organisation or area?

- What incentivises you to share examples?

- What disincentives or barriers are there to sharing?


3. How can the YJB better support your effective practice needs?

- What kinds of support do you value most/least?

- Would you value YJB help in building partnerships with other organisations (such as Universities) to develop your EP work?


4. Are there any priority topics you like practice guidance or information about now?


Session feedback

At the end of the session delegates fed back on the group discussions. The general themes captured during these discussions, along with some further questions which were raised, are presented below.

These themes were circulated to delegates after the session for any further comments.

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