Youth Justice and Liaison Diversion - Gloucestershire YOT

Age: 10-18
Sex: n/a
Cost: none


  • The Liaison and Diversion project is aimed at fostering early identification and intervention with potential offenders.
  • It allows for the earlier identification of any health needs that may be contributing towards offending.



Gloucestershire Youth Offending Team has tailored the Youth Justice Liaison and Diversion scheme to suit its local needs. The process operates on an early identification and brokering basis whereby the specialist Fast Track Team is automatically notified when a young person is arrested. This allows the team to rapidly assess, rank and treat individuals according to their need. In Gloucestershire, we have also recognised through some concentrated work on more prolific and persistent young offenders, that they usually first present to the youth justice system at an early age (10-12 years). Furthermore, as these young people age towards adulthood, some of their underlying health issues can also develop and become increasingly treatment resistant if not tackled at an earlier age.



Implementing the Practice:

  • Assessments will aim to identify those with mental health, learning, communication difficulties or other vulnerabilities affecting their wellbeing. For those that are not presenting with acute issues the main focus should be community engagement within five working days.
  • Use the information gained from assessments to share with relevant criminal justice agencies to enable key decision makers to make more informed decisions on diversion, charging, case management and sentencing.
  • Ensuring diversionary interventions are proportionate and appropriate, with offenders always diverted into appropriate services and avoiding the unnecessary pathologising of criminal behaviour.



YOT: Gloucestershire Youth Offending Team
Name: Robert England