Out of Court Work Pack - Darlington Youth Offending Team (2017)

Summary:  Attached is as summary of Darlington Youth Offending Team's intervention sessions  



  • Young people to gain a better understanding of the impacts of offending on themselves and others.
  • Increase awareness around the justice system, looking at its purpose, the different disposals and terms used.
  • Highlight and explore the legal and social consequences of offending behaviour.




Darlington YOT use this intervention to deliver this standard pack of work in weekly group sessions and also frequently in one to ones. It was created to ensure that key messages surrounding offending behaviour and its impact on the offender and the victim were clearly communicated to children with out of court disposals. The pack is typically run over two sessions, the first session focusses on offending consequences and concludes following the good/bad (reasons) list, the second session then recaps these.  Participants are also sometimes asked to complete a final offending consequences exercise and then the victim awareness materials. There are tutor packs and effect cards that go along with sessions.




YOT: Darlington Youth Offending Team
Name: Michael Barr
Email: Michael.barr@darlington.gov.uk