Prevention Session – Youth Justice Awareness in Schools (2017)

Summary:  Attached is a summary of Darlington Youth Offending services prevention sessions. 




  • Instil knowledge of the consequences of offending in young people before contact with the Youth Offending Service/Justice System
  • Inform young people of the personal/social consequences of offending behaviour through an interactive presentation
  • Explain the different stages of the youth justice system and identify the legal consequences in relation to these stages




Darlington Youth Offending Service deliver an interactive prevention session (with equipment included) in secondary schools aimed at year 7/8 students which focuses on the consequences of offending, with the overall aim of preventing young people coming into contact with our service at a later date. The session informs young people of the different ways in which being involved in crime can impact on them. It is a one hour session in which the children will look at the different legal consequences; cautions, court, community orders and custody.


The session begins with volunteers from either the class or year group being selected. These students then receive a card with an offence on, they place themselves in order of ‘seriousness’ with the remainder of the class/year group involved in the placement. The young people are then directed to either court or to receive their youth caution. Each young person will be asked questions regarding the impact of different elements of the justice system and consequences which will occur because of their behaviour, both legal and social in nature. Feedback was also collected.



Implementing the practice:

  • All local secondary schools are sent an email advertising the delivery of the session, pre-existing links with schools are also utilised to attempt to increase uptake of the sessions.
  • Three staff members including our Police Officer deliver the sessions, collaborating with the school to take into account their preferences.
  • Deliver the session to every young person in a specific year group (year 7 and 8 was the target audience we felt would benefit most from the session).




 Darlington Youth Offending Team
Name:  Michael Barr