Triage Plus - Redbridge YOT and Targeted Prevention Service

Age:  8-17
Sex:  n/a
Cost:  no



  • To provide schools with an option short of a formal complaint to the police
  • To offer an additional resource/option to deal with a serious incident
  • At the earliest opportunity to divert young people committing low gravity offences away from the criminal justice system into effective interventions
  • Increase the confidence of victims through greater involvement at an early stage.



Triage+ is a partner initiative between the Redbridge Youth Offending Team and Targeted Prevention Service and Schools. 

Triage can be used when a young person has been involved in an incident or a series of incidents which could if left unchecked lead to a permanent exclusion. Triage is a tool/option for schools to use. It is a restorative practice to resolve the incident or crime without the need for a formal sanction or police involvement.



YOT : Redbridge Youth Offending and Targeted Prevention Service
Name: Gita Hargun
Telephone: 0208 708 8223