Out of Court Disposal Process Flow Charts for Professionals and Children – Barnet Youth Offending Service (October 2020)


Attached is the flow chart created by Barnet YOS concerning OoCD for professionals and children.


  • Support the YOS and partners to work together effectively.
  • Support children to understand the process.




Barnet YOS have created a flow chart for professionals when considering and administering Out of Court Disposals. On the second page is the process which can be made available to children for them to understand the process.



Implementing the practice:

  • The flowchart was agreed with all relevant partners.
  • The flowchart is shared amongst all relevant partners and YOS.
  • The flowchart is shared with children and families.




Youth offending team: Barnet YOS
Name: Cezar Tan
Email: Cezar.Tan@Barnet.gov.uk