Early Support Project, Diversion and Prevention Service – Milton Keynes Youth Offending Service (October 2021)

Summary:  Attached is an overview of the diversion and prevention service as delivered by Milton Keynes YOS and partners. 



• to address the increase in First Time Entrants receiving formal out of court disposals by introducing an Early Help alternative
• to address the needs of children at risk of offending / criminal exploitation and youth violence and entering the formal Youth Justice System



The Early Support Project (ESP) is a Diversion and Prevention Service in Milton Keynes. They offer support to children who have received an informal outcome for a proven offence, those who have received Community Resolutions, and also offer support to children between 10 – 18 years who are identified as being at risk of offending.

The ‘Milton Keynes YOS Practice Example’ - provides detail on the background of the service, implementation and delivery, a case example, lessons learned, practice evaluations, future development and contacts for further information.




Youth Offending team:  Milton Keynes YOS 
Name: Jenna Palmer 
Email: Jenna.Palmer@Milton-keynes.gov.uk