Disproportionality Spotlight Actions and Decisions Log (Management Board) – Tower Hamlets and City of London (October 2020)

Summary: Attached is Tower Hamlets and City of London YJS toolkit, which is used at their management board to help identify and challenge disproportionality.
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  • Help highlight, track and challenge some key disproportionality concerns in Tower Hamlets and City of London YJS and partners



The attached below Excel document is Tower Hamlets and City of London YJS disproportionality actions and decisions log, which was created during a Spotlight session on Disproportionality for YJS Management Board members in order to address some of the core disproportionality concerns. The log was discussed, agreed and will be reviewed regularly during Tower Hamlets Youth Justice Service Management Board meetings.


Implementing the practice:

  • Actions and concerns are jointly agreed by all senior partners present at the YJS Management Board Spotlight session on Disproportionality.
  • Each action is given a SMART target – with the most relevant Board partner responsible for each action.
  • Actions are tracked at subsequent quarterly YJS Management Board meetings.
  • By assigning actions to all Board members, this encourages and develops further a holistic, joined up approach to address Disproportionality across all services.




Youth offending team: Tower Hamlets and City of London Youth Justice Service
Name: Rachael Phillips
Email: Rachael.phillips@towerhamlets.gov.uk