Youth Justice Plans – Child Accessible Versions – Various Services (November 2021)

Summary: Attached are a variety of templates used by Services across England to share youth justice plans with children and families. 




  • To enable children to understand the various roles and functions within the YOS in a way which is meaningful and age appropriate.
  • To enable children to understand the strategic and operational targets of the youth offending service and how this relates to their experience of accessing youth justice services.
  • To provide a document which partner agencies can easily share with service uses which explains the work of the YOS in a format that is easily understandable by all. 




Doncaster, Sandwell and Dudley Services have shared their versions of a child friendly youth justice plan, which are used with the children and families to support them in understanding the strategic and operational priorities of the YOS.


Youth offending team:  Docaster youth offending service 
Name:  Andy Hood 


Youth offending team: Sandwell youth offending service  


Youth offending team: Dudley Youth Offending Service 
Name:   Michael Botham