Norfolk Youth Offending Team Recruitment and Selection of Staff/Volunteers by Young People

Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: n/a




  • Support young people to be involved in choosing potential new staff and volunteers
  • Support young people to participate in directly influencing the service



Norfolk Youth Offending Team (NYOT) believe that young people should be involved in the recruitment of the staff and volunteers who work with and for them. Since 2015 NYOT have asked young people, to take part in interview panels.

Feedback from the young people that have participated has been positive and the respect shown to them through the experience has helped them to feel involved, and to show respect back and feel comfortable in their subsequent intervention sessions with Norfolk YOT staff. Young people have also fed back that by helping to select the people who volunteer with the team, they feel they have had the opportunity to improve the experiences of other young people who will meet the volunteers at future community panel meetings. Young people also gain a range of experiences and skills which will enhance their own CV’s and help them to prepare for attending interviews in the future.



Implanting the Practice:

  • Staff at Norfolk YOT involved in supporting young people through the process take part in 'Recruitment and Selection' e-learning and a one-day 'Interviewing Skills for Interviewers' workshop, as well as ‘Involving young people in recruitment and selection’ training. The above are offered by Norfolk County Council. The first two are standard training for any manager who is conducting interviews, whereas the final training is specific to young people’s involvement in the process. The training is essential so staff are able to support the young people appropriately and in an informed and professional manner whilst also making sure that the process meets legal requirements and follows local policies
  • Young people attend a preparation session where they go through the job description and think about the qualities they believe the ‘perfect’ candidate should have. During the session, the young people work together to come up with a set of questions that they feel will help them get to know the candidates. Attached there is a suggested session format for the preparation of young people for interview panels – this includes the need to be clear about legislation that impacts on recruitment
  • Generally 2-3 young people sit on the panel, together with a support officer. Young people are supported to explain to the candidates that the officer is only there for their support and will have no involvement in the decision making process
  • Following the interview panel process, young people are given feedback about the successful/unsuccessful candidates and how their feedback has influenced that decision



Contact Details:

YOT: Norfolk Youth Offending Team
Name: Miranda Webb
Telephone: 01603679119