Video Describing What the YOS is by Children - Barnet YOS (2020)

Summary:  Video created by Barnet YOS children to describe the purpose and function of the YOS.
Age: 10-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: none




  • To help children and young people subject to Court Orders understand the purpose and functions of the Youth Offending Service



The Whiteboard Project Video is a short animation video that uses the voices of children and young people known to Barnet YOS, to describe the YOS, their Orders, corresponding support and expectations.

The video is a co-production project for children and young people involved with the YOS, which enabled them to take a central place in the creative process of developing a video that explains to others their experiences and engagement with YOS professionals.

This video is meant to be a resource for children entering the service for the first time so they may understand what is expected in a child-friendly way.

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Implementing the practice:

  • The children involved in the project shared their honest views in order to provide others with a relatable account of their experiences.
  • The children developed the video narrative in their own language using their own voices and working with an illustrator, created the images and story flow for the video.
  • The avatars were drawn by the young people to represent the different characters of the children speaking.
  • The hours spent on working on this project were counted as reparation hours to acknowledge the contribution they made on this project and the potential benefit to others.
  • The project cost £2,500 to create. 




Youth Offending Team: Barnet Youth Offending Service
Name: Sarah Marshall and Cezar Tan
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