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Police Custody Comfort Boxes for Children – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)


Suffolk County Lines Pathfinder have shared the methodology and associated resources for their comfort boxes project for children in Police custody aimed at supporting children having a better experience and increased engagement while in Police custody.


Suffolk County Lines Pathfinder launched a custody comfort boxes project in all custody suites across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire to support children who enter police custody.

The purpose of the Police custody comfort boxes is to support children to have a better experience in Police custody, and increased engagement with Police and support services.

Each custody suite was provided with a comfort box containing arts supplies, distraction, and comfort items to promote physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing in children and vulnerable adults. These are risk assessed by Police custody officers to ensure the safety of the children and officers on duty.

The Police forces were also provided with a monthly review report used to assess which materials were preferred by the children and ensure replenishment where appropriate.


Youth Justice Service/Establishment: Norfolk Youth Offending Team / Norfolk County Council
Name: Holly Finlayson / Duncan Evans
Email: Holly.Finlayson@norfolk.gov.uk / Duncan.Evans@met.police.uk