Police Student Stop and Search training and developing session – Islington Youth Justice Service (June 2023)


Islington youth justice service have shared their methodology and approach to deliver a stop and search session run by the youth justice service, children and families to support the training and development of new Police recruits.


In November 2021, Islington youth justice service created a two hour training and development session for student Police officers in the Islington and Camden Borough Command Unit. The training is aimed at supporting trainee Police recruits in understanding the experience of specifically minoritised children and families in regards to stop and search.

The session was developed with the focus of incorporating the lived experience of children and families to open up discussions around topics such as race, disproportionality, discrimination, public perception, communication and use of police force with the aim of improving future interaction between Police, children and families.   

The training is run bi-monthly for two hours and children are invited as part of reparation hours to attend, or if they are not able to attend can provide written information concerning specific questions that may have come up in previous sessions.   The sessions are developed to be fluid so  if specific subjects/topics come up they can be incorporated in the discussion Islington youth justice service has shared their generic format and a short report that holds further details that may be of interest.  The training session was developed in partnership with senior officers in the Metropolitan Police in the Learning and Development directorate. 


Organisation: Islington youth justice service
Name: Catherine Marshall / Danielle Dewsbury

Catherine.Marshall@islington.gov.uk/ Danielle.Dewsbury@islington.gov.uk