Take 3 Parenting Programme - Durham Youth Justice Service (2018)

Summary: Take 3 is an evidence-based parenting programme




Take 3 is an evidence-based parenting programme (which runs for 10-12 weeks) that can be used with groups or for one-to-one interventions with individual parents/carers. The programme also has aspects of Mindfulness (a way of breathing that may be calming and relaxing), to support parents to learn skills to relax themselves in order to implement the new learnt skills.

Take 3 focuses on changing the adults’ behaviour, boosting their self-confidence and assertiveness skills. Evaluation of Take 3 have demonstrated that there is some positive changes in young people when their parents/carers change.

Workers need to be trained to deliver this programme, and 2 facilitators are needed to run a Take 3 group. The programme caters for varied learning styles and the Take 3 pack contains hand-outs for parents, including word-free hand-outs for parents with poor literacy skills, and a very realistic DVD, ‘Teenagers in Trouble: skills for parents’.

County Durham Youth Justice Service have provided resources used to support their implementation of the programme:

  • A brief overview of the Take 3 programme and how it was implemented in Durham
  • Evaluations of the overall programme from 2008 and 2010
  • Evaluations of the programme's parenting support group, from 2016 and 2017
  • A leaflet Durham YJS used to promote the parenting support groups




Source Organisation: Take 3 Parenting
Name: Rosie Hill
Email: info@take3parenting.co.uk 
Web: www.take3parenting.co.uk


Youth Justice Service: County Durham Youth Justice Service

Kate Howarth and Dawn Hallewell


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