Child First Pathfinder Preliminary Evaluation: Diversion and Alternative Disposals – Lancashire Child and Youth Justice Service (September 2021)

Summary:  Access to the initial findings evaluation of Lancashire child and youth justice service diversion pathfinder. 



Child-First Diversion Initial Findings Evaluation is a collaboration between Lancashire CYJS and UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) as funded by Lancashire CYJS's Child-First Diversion Pathfinder.

This Interim Evaluation explores the effectiveness of the Child First Diversion programme in comparison to alternative disposals, or being screened out, from a children’s perspective and through coproduced outcome measurements and is participatory in nature.

The research is participatory in nature, four children met the research team as a core group to co-design and direct the research. The result is a set of themes developed by the core group, to be shared with all the participants in the research and to inform the quantitative standardised measures that will be used with children to assess the distance travelled and improvement of their life opportunities once they have engaged in the diversion or other Child and Youth Justice Service.

The Final Findings and Evaluation Report will be published in Spring 2022.




Youth justice service:  Lancashire Child and Youth Justice Service 
Name: Mica Aspinwall