Child Criminal Exploitation: Emerging and Promising Practice Approaches Paper – County Lines Pathfinder (April 2022)

Summary: County Lines Pathfinder have shared a short paper that brings together research, evaluations and serious case reviews to support practitioners and managers working effectively with criminally exploited children. 




County Lines Pathfinder have completed a review over 30 research reports, serious case reviews and evaluations to support practitioners with an easy to read resource; child criminal exploitation: emerging and promising practice approaches 

The child criminal exploitation: emerging and promising practice approaches resource draws out the main practice points into one resource to highlight emerging and promising approaches when working with children and focuses on what a practitioner may find helpful. The paper can be helpful for both practitioners and managers to respond to criminally exploited children in the most helpful way.

County Lines have also shared a short overview of why this paper was put together and some of the learning.




Youth justice service:  Suffolk County Council 
Name:  Catherine Bennett