Working with children

This section contains materials and resources, including interventions, programmes and toolkits that are used by youth justice services with children. 


The material in this section has been produced by youth justice services in-house or with support from partners.  The materials in this section are not evaluated.  You can find youth justice evaluated materials in the practice-based evaluations area on this site.


If you would like to submit a programme, intervention or a way of working with children that works well in your service to the Youth Justice Resource Hub, please complete the submission form.

Summary: The booklet is intended to support children in custody with their resettlement journey.   Aims: The booklet is for children in custody, which seeks to support the constructive resettlement process.     Description: The Get Out Stay Out! Booklet has been created to help children and young adults who are leaving custody make a positive return to living in…
Summary: Access to a short information sheet for children in custody explaining ‘purple visits’, which are video calls with family members.      Aims: support children to access video call facilities with family members, where appropriate.     Description: Youth Custody Service have created a short information sheet to explain to children what a ‘purple visit’ is and some of…
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