Working with families and carers

This section contains predominantly interventions, programmes and toolkits that are used by youth justice services with parents and carers. 


The material in this section has been produced by youth justice services in-house or with support from partners.  The materials in this section are not evaluated.  You can find youth justice evaluated materials in the practice-based evaluations area on this site.


If you would like to submit a programme, intervention or a way of working with parents or carers that works well in your service to the Youth Justice Resource Hub, please complete the submission form.

Summary: County Lines Pathfinder have shared their webinar, co-created with parents, and group work sessions to support parents whose children are being criminally exploited.      Description: As part of their delivery of the County Lines Pathfinder, Suffolk Youth Justice Service co-produced a parent webinar, alongside parents with lived experience of county lines exploitation and have shared their summary and…
Summary: Family Lives have published advice for parents around going to Court with their child.     Family Lives have published some advice around going to Court with your child. The advice is for parents and carers who need to attend Court with their child. It offers information around what the day looks like.