Working with partners

Youth Justice partners have to work together in order to support effectively children, families and victims. A single service or organisation cannot support a child and their family to make and maintain positive changes that will support long term desistence or keep them safe.

It is essential that youth justice partners work in a method that support and sustains each others staff members too.

This section has information and practice concerning working effectively with partners. You can also access information pertinent to youth offending teams (YOT) working in collaboration with the YOT Boards to ensure best outcomes for children.

Summary: This guide by Just for Kids Law has been designed to support practitioners to undertand the legal framework.     Just for Kids Law have created a new handbook, Police Records: A Guide for Professionals. This document covers the collection and keeping of records by the police, including the circumstances that will trigger a crime record being made and…
Summary: The Skill Mill is a Social Enterprise that provides paid jobs and training to children from Youth Offending Teams. Age: 16 -18 Sex: n/a Cost: yes     Aims: Support those children that have been assessed as elevated risk to desist from further offending Support those children to gain employability skills in order to support successful transition into the…
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