Pre-Sentence Report Learning and Development Toolkit – National Probation Service (2021)


The National Probation Service have shared their pre-sentence report learning and development toolkit. Although aimed at probation officers, there are some modules that may also be of interest to youth justice staff. 


The Pre-Sentence Report (PSR) pilot learning and development toolkit has been shared by the National Probation Service and is aimed at probation officers, however, there is transferrable learning which may be of interest to staff and volunteers in youth justice, particularly within the inclusive risk assessments module. The modules to be included are:

  • PSR e-learning
  • Leadership development training (Internal)
  • Pinnacle (advocacy presentation)
  • One small thing (trauma Informed)
  • Wipers (diversity, inclusion and tackling unconscious bias training)

The following modules have been developed and are currently being delivered to practitioners in 18 court sites with cohorts covering:

  • 18 – 24yr olds
  • Women
  • Those at risk of custody