Prevention and Diversion Assessment – Hackney Youth Justice Service (Updated 2023)


Attached is the Hackney Youth Justice Service Prevention and diversion assessment, also included their definitions related to race, culture, and diversity. 


In March 2019 Hackney Children and Families Services invited several trained peers, supported by the Youth Justice Sector Improvement Programme (YJSIP) and the Youth Justice Board to conduct a Sector Led Youth Justice Peer review, primarily focussing on the Strategic Oversight and the Effective delivery of Youth Out of Court Disposals (OOCD).

Areas of development identified included; accurate recording and analysis of criminogenic factors, risks and vulnerabilities, capturing the ‘Voice of the Child’, enabling active participation of children identified with speech, language and communication/neurodevelopmental needs and better capturing experience of racism and discrimination.

Following this review Hackney- Prevention and Diversion Team re-designed their assessment tool (updated August 2022).

The Hackney Youth Justice Service practice example – prevention document provides detail on the background of the service, implementation and delivery, a case examples, lessons learned, practice evaluations and future development.

Hackney Youth Justice Service have also shared the race, culture and diversity definitions used by staff.


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Name:Shelli Green