Prevention Intervention Programme: My Future – Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service (October 2021)


Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service have shared their early intervention programme used with children, to support reducing the number of children entering the criminal justice system. 


Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service have shared details of their youth prevention intervention programme: my future.  The prevention programme works with children aged 10-18 years of age on a voluntary basis, offering preventative interventions which are tailored to meet individual needs. The service offers a broad range of positive activities underpinned by strengths-based principles.

The Nottinghamshire YJS Practice Example – provides detail on the background of the service, implementation and delivery, case examples, lessons learned, practice evaluations, future development and contacts for further information.

The YSG – Terms of Reference and YSG pathway’ provides the Terms of Reference for the Youth Support Groups that are referenced in the first document.


Youth justice service: Nottinghamshire Youth Justice Service 
Name: Nicola Suttenwood 
Email: nicola.suttenwood@nottscc.gov.uk