Workforce development

Considerable progress has been made in Youth Justice (YJ) workforce development over the last 10 years. Increasingly, managers are seeking out experienced individuals from a range of backgrounds who can demonstrate the key skills needed in youth justice and where necessary, identifying additional training as appropriate.

It is clear there is a distinct set of youth justice skills, a well-defined body of knowledge and understanding with the workforce requiring accessible, high quality and accredited learning resources.

There is a well-established youth justice professional framework which is built upon the youth justice skills matrix and youth justice degree and this can have a significant impact on recruitment.

Whilst within youth justice teams, there is still the valuable fundamental multi-disciplinary base, there is a growing recognition that an effective team needs to have the right complementary mix of professionals who are highly skilled in engaging with often complex young people who offend.

This section will offer knowledge and information concerning professional development, professional progression as well as some toolkits on working effectively with those staff that are required to supervise other staff.

Summary:  Report by Kinetic concerning prison officers from Feltham YOI on placement with Kinetic team.     Kinetic is a social enterprise that uses youth work methodologies to support children to improve their lives. Primarily, they deliver Youth Work Services for children in the secure estate. Attached below is Kinetics’ delivery report, ‘Kinetic Worker on Placement Project Pilot in HMYOI…
It is important to understand the skills of each individual member of a Youth Justice team so workforce development/training plans are crucial to identify gaps and provide opportunities for the workforce to share practice and develop new skills and knowledge. When developing local training plans, it may be helpful to consider the following: Workforce Development Strategy, Youth Justice Skills Matrix…
It is often the case that moving into a new role can be a steep learning curve and supporting new staff as they adjust to new settings and expectations is fundamental. Each team will have their own induction programme and this will inevitably have a local element as well as wider Youth Justice principles and perspectives. Please note that some…
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