Professional Perspectives: School Exclusion, Disproportionality and Criminal Exploitation Report – County Lines Pathfinder and Listen Up (January 2022)


County Lines Pathfinder commissioned Listen Up to produce a report that looks at professional perspectives in relation to school exclusions, disproportionality, and criminal exploitation.


The Suffolk County Lines Pathfinder commissioned Listen Up, who have produced ‘Professional Perspectives: School Exclusions, Disproportionality and Criminal Exploitation’ (January 2022). The aim of the report was to explore educational and youth justice professionals’ understanding and perspectives on the relationship between disproportionality in school exclusions and increased risk of child exploitation. A variety of recommendations are included in the report, that may be of interest. Listen Up have also produced a short slide pack based on the findings from the report.


Organisation:Norfolk County Council
Name:Holly Finlayson