Multi-agency Practice Principles for responding to child exploitation and extra-familial harm – Tackling Child Exploitation (March 2023)

Summary: The Tackling Child Exploitation team have shared their practice principles for responding to child exploitation and extra familiar harm for professionals working with children.     


Description: The Tackling Child Exploitation have shared their practice principles, which are evidenced-informed and are designed to support partnership working by providing professionals at all levels across all agencies with a common starting point to underpin local responses to child exploitation and extra-familial harm.

The Tackling Child Exploitation have also published a practice reflection tool, which aims to support practitioners to apply the practice principles in the scenarios presented, and to reflect on how they may be used. There are two parts to the tool; the first part encourages users to reflect on the case study, using the practice principles as a compass and the second part illustrates ways in which the practice principles might inform a response.

The tool can be used as an individual reflective exercise or worked through as a team.