Referral Order Panel Resources – Kent Youth Justice Service (February 2021)

Summary: Kent youth justice service have shared a variety of resouces to support children to engage with virtual panels.



With the move to virtual panels because of COVID-19, Kent youth justice service have been keen to ensure children are fully prepared and aware of the panel process, prior to the panels.

Kent youth justice service have acknowledged that some of the children have struggled with the move to virtual panels, especially as they are meeting panel members via a computer screen, therefore their YJ participation apprentices have created a variety of resources to support children in understanding the panel process.

The resources created will also be able to be adapted for when we are able to return to face-to-face panels.


Kent youth justice service provided the following PowerPoint presentations to their children:

  • RO panel poster – provides children with additional information about the panel process



  • Non-compliance panel: provides children an overview of what the next steps may be (Presentation with and without voiceover)


  • Pre-court panel: talk through what a Referral Order is and what will happen during this type of panel (Presentation with and without voiceover)


  • Post-court panel: discusses what it means now that the child has received a Referral Order at Court and walks through the contract (Presentation with and without voiceover)


  • Panel member bios: enable children to know some information about their 2 panel members ahead of the panel members (Kent youth justice service also provides the children with pictures of the panel members, which have been removed for publication)




Youth justice service: Kent youth justice service
Name: Lucy Ball