Relationship Between Care Status and Child Incarceration: A Literature Review – University of Bedfordshire (2018)


The University of Bedfordshire have published a literature review concerned with the relationship between care status and children going into custody. 


University of Bedfordshire have published a literature review of the relationship between care status and child incarceration. The review aims to identify the particular pathways of looking after children into, through and leaving custody and to establish in what ways, and to what extent, these might differ from those of children who do not have care experience.

The intention of the review is to draw on previous reviews, and relevant additional material, through a lens that focuses on the existing evidence base as it relates specifically to the likelihood of children being incarcerated, to their subsequent custodial experience and to the provision of effective resettlement once they have been released.

Please note that the review is part of wider research conducted by the University of Bedfordshire Surviving Incarceration – the pathways of looked after and non-looked after children into, through and out of custody – University of Bedfordshire (2019).