Reparation Tintern Weed Project – Newport Youth Justice Service (August 2022)


Newport Youth Justice Service have shared their Tintern Weed reparation project for children on statutory and non-statutory orders.  


Supports both children on the periphery and those within the criminal justice system, to develop trusting adult relationships and build strengths and skills to support them to desist from offending and establish prosocial lives.


Newport Youth Justice Service have shared the detail on the background of the Tintern Weed reparation project, covering implementation and delivery, case examples, lessons learned, practice evaluations, future development, a feedback form for children and contacts for further information.

The Tintern Weed Team was set up to offer a reparation alternative for children and young people on statutory orders, and a constructive pursuits opportunity to children and young people on the periphery of offending who were been supported by Newport Youth Justice Service for prevention. This provides benefits to the children and young people and supports the upkeep of the heritage of Wales.

The project revolves around doing a variety of gardening/maintenance/restoration work at Tintern Abbey under the guidance of the Head Custodian and lead youth justice worker. The project offers children and young people the opportunity to gain valuable voluntary work experience, CV content, a reference; as well as providing a positive, structured activity that supports developing a work ethic and improving social, practical, problem-solving skills. Some of the children and young people are also offered the experience of being a mentor and teach other children and young people, providing responsibility and supervisory experience.


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Name:Kim Herniman