Wider research

Part of YJB’s statutory function is to ‘identify, make known and promote good practice’. This section provides a ‘living’ collection of evidence and research across the wider youth justice landscape. The aim is to disseminate information about the wider evidence base that exists in order to maximise positive outcomes for children who come into contact with the justice system.
It includes specific accessible research relevant to youth justice such as risk factors as well as systematic evidence reviews of specific areas. Links to the latest research in key areas of youth justice are included.

The YJB welcomes new additions to ‘Wider Research’. Please email papers to effectivepractice@yjb.gov.uk along with your rationale for inclusion.

Summary:  Link to survey findings in 2015 of those in Wales who sufferred adverse childhood experiences   Public Health Wales have published Adverse Childhood Experiences and their association with chronic disease and health service use in the Welsh adult population. The report says those in Wales who suffered four or more adverse childhood experiences are more than twice as likely…
Summary:  A research report presenting evidence to demonstrate the complexities of childrens’ journies to attend youth justice appoimtments.   Currently, there are gap in knowledge about the context of convicted child's youth justice journey making and its treatment. Youth justice orders can break down as a result of absence. For example, attendance for some youth justice appointments can be as…
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