Transitional Safeguarding Academic Insight Paper - HM Inspectorate of Probation (March 2022)

HM Inspectorate of Probation have published Transitional Safeguarding as part of their Academic Insights. The paper focuses on the concept of Transitional Safeguarding, which is described as ‘an approach to safeguarding adolescents and young adults fluidly across developmental stages, which builds on the best available evidence, learns from both children’s and adult safeguarding practice, and which prepares young people for their adult lives’ by Holmes and Smale (2018).

Transitional Safeguarding considers not only the transition between childhood and adulthood, but also the transition points and gaps between the safeguarding system/s and the justice system/s. This Academic Insights paper pay particular attention to issues of exploitation.

Transitional Safeguarding is an emerging concept, underpinned by a principles-led framework which highlights the importance of an approach which is evidence-informed, ecological/contextual, developmentally-attuned, relational, equalities-orientated, and participative.