Research on Youth Court in England and Wales – Yannick van den Brink (May 2021)


Three articles concerned with the experience of children in youth court were published in 2021.


Attached below are three articles by Yannick van den Brink that explore the experience of children entering the youth justice system. The research articles are explorative in nature and based in one area of England.

Equality in the Youth Court: Meaning, Perceptions and Implications of the Principle of Equality in Youth Justice (May 2021) – This article combines interdisciplinary theoretical perspectives and empirical findings from interviews with practitioners from two English youth courts to explore the meaning, perceptions and implications of the principle of equality in the specific context of the youth court.

Remand decision-making in the youth court. A comparative analysis of youth remand and bail in England & Wales and the Netherlands (June 2021) – This article presents the findings of an in-depth comparative study of remand decision-making in youth courts in England & Wales and the Netherlands. Informed by qualitative empirical research, this article explores differences and similarities in remand decision-making and in the functions of remand in the administration of youth justice.

Different but equal? Exploring potential catalysts of disparity in remand decision-making in the youth court (August 2021)- This article aims to explore and identify potential catalysts of disparity in the collective process of remand decision-making in youth courts.