Restorative Justice Flash Cards - Stoke on Trent YOS

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Aimed at:

  • The flash cards have been specifically designed to engage victims of crime and support the restorative officer to explain what the Service is able to offer, including; restorative meetings and reparation opportunities for the young person.



Intended Outcomes:

  • To engage more victims in the restorative justice process (both directly or indirectly)
  • To increase public confidence in the Youth Justice System
  • Support victims to feel empowered and listened to
  • Increase victim satisfaction through engagement and participation in how the young person should repair the harm done




In Stoke on Trent the restorative justice officer meets with the victim to discuss and inform them of the restorative process, which includes reparation as well as the different types of restorative approaches available.

The flash cards can be used as an engagement tool and support victims to have the opportunity to have their wishes heard. These can be adapted to reflect your own service’s resources.

Victims are given the opportunity to choose a reparation project that they would like the young person to take part in, in order for them to repair the harm caused through their behaviour. Once a project has been chosen the victim is asked if they would like to be kept informed of how the young person has progressed on the project. The information is then relayed back to the victim through a restorative process.



What Makes it Work:

  • The flash cards are a visual method of engaging victims
  • The content is written using non-complex language in order to engage wide range audience, regardless of learning abilities
  • The flash cards can also be used with Community Panel Members as well as young people and their parents so that all participants have the access to the same information
  • The flash cards are easy to maintain and keep up to date



Implementing the Practice:

  • All staff working with victims must be trained in restorative justice process
  • Flash cards can be used as a tool to support initial engagement with victims
  • Staff must ensure that there is no changes in the reparation projects presented to victims, and to this end work closely with officer in charge of reparation
  • The Flash cards should be taken to all visits with the victim in order to ensure that correct information is shared




YOT: Stoke on Trent Youth Offending Service
Name: Debra Morrey
Telephone: 01782 235858