Stay Safe and Sound (June 2016)

Summary: This tool is aimed at making children aware of sexual exploitation and educare them on the issues involved.
Age: 12-17
Sex: n/a
Cost: no





  • The tool aims to make children aware of sexual exploitation and educate them on the issues involved.
  • Provide opportunities for children to discuss on a 1-2-1 basis the possibility of being sexually exploited and of putting themselves in potentially risky situations.
  • Acts as an additional resource for making an assessment on the child’s safety and wellbeing.




The Stay safe and sound tool works alongside the Local Safeguarding Childrens Board (LSCB) Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) screening tool. At Reading YOS all children coming to the service are screened in for CSE with coloured cards relevant to the domains which can be cross referenced.

The tool is not asking the child directly but provides opportunity for discussion without the child feeling they are being judged. The tool is perfect to use at the assessment stage of any intervention it is ideally used on a one to one basis to give the child an opportunity to safely explore the opinions they make.

Any CSE concerns may be highlighted from the tool and an action/safety plan could be put into place with Childrens Social Care.





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