Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Strategy - Lewisham YOS (2018)

Summary: The Missing, Exploited and Trafficked Board, provides strategic oversight of missing, exploited and trafficked children in the Borough of Lewisham.
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  • To safeguard children and young people from harm as a result of going missing; child sexual exploitation; or trafficking (or exploitation arising as a consequence of being the victim of trafficking including County Line drug dealing)



The Missing, Exploited and Trafficked (MET) Board, (which is a subgroup of the Lewisham Safeguarding Children’s Board), has been established to provide strategic oversight of missing, exploited and trafficked children. This group has multi-agency representation and is responsible for the policy and performance of the work to address these issues and improve practice. This meeting replaces the Multi-Agency Sexual Exploitation meeting (MASE).

The MET board has a tactical group and an operational group, which work together to ensure that the aims are being met.
Within the attached strategy there is also the Joint Protocol between London Borough of Lewisham Children Social Care, Lewisham Metropolitan Police and other agencies working in Lewisham with families and missing children specifically addressing children who run away or go missing. Attached there is also an Information Fact Leaflet – missing children,

Within the strategy, there is also their Child Sexual Exploitation Risk Assessment Toolkit.




Youth Offending Team:  Lewisham Youth Offending Service
Name: Keith Cohen
Email: Keith.Cohen@lewisham.gov.uk