Evaluation of Cambridgeshire Safer Relationships for Exploited Children (SAFE) Team – County Lines Pathfinder (March 2021) Featured

Summary: Attached is the dissemination proforma for SAFE team evaluation to support other Services if they were to consider implementation.


The SAFE Project provides a service to children, who are known to the YOT and who are at significant risk of criminal exploitation or moderate risk of criminal exploitation who are identified as high need, across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

The project offers children a trusted and consistent worker who supports them, using a trauma informed model of intervention that supports those children to understand their previous and current experiences, to gradually make steps towards positive plans for the future.

The team works with the children and their families to help them recognise risk and develop safety plans to prevent the risk of exploitation and serious youth violence in the future.

Attached below are the following:

  • Evaluation of Cambridgeshire Safer Relationships for Exploited Children (SAFE) Team overview
  • Safer Relationships for Exploited Children (SAFE) Team Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Service Specification
  • SAFE monitoring and evaluation report January 2021
  • SAFE Quarterly Report Headline Summary January 2021
  • SAFE guidance notes for partners
  • SAFE Case Tracker
  • Professional feedback from for SAFE team involvement
  • Details for SAFE Team referral & allocation panel




Youth offending team: Cambridgeshire County Council –Pathfinder
Name: Heidi Kailipaka (SAFE Team Manager)
Email: Heidi.kailipaka@cambridgeshire.gov.uk