Serious Incidents Notification - Standard Operating Procedure for Youth Offending Teams – YJB (August 2021) Featured

Summary:  Attached is the link to the serious incident notifications standard operating procedures and serious incident reporting form.




  • Support Youth Offending Teams in England and Wales to notify YJB when a serious incident occurs.



The Serious Incidents Notification - Standard Operating Procedures for Youth Offending Teams sets out what staff working in the youth justice system are invited to do in order to report information to the YJB if a child is involved in one of the 5 categories of safeguarding or public protection incident whilst under YOT supervision or on a YOT’s caseload, or if they are charged with certain serious offences whilst not under YOT supervision or on a YOTs caseload.

The report serious incidents: guide for youth justice practitioners does not replace any local or national safeguarding requirements or policies and is congruent with the Standards for Children in the Youth Justice System which define the minimum expectation for all agencies that provide statutory services to ensure good outcomes for children in the youth justice system.

This guidance is for youth offending team (YOT) managers / staff (or equivalent colleagues responsible for the delivery and or monitoring of youth justice services in the community) and Youth Justice Board (YJB) personnel. It will also be of interest to local authority managers and other professionals involved in the safeguarding and protection of children.

Attached is the serious incident reporting form, which should be downloaded and completed prior to submission to and the local Head of Region/Wales at the Youth Justice Board.