Serious Youth Violence and its Relationship with Adverse Childhood Experiences Research Report – Manchester Pathfinder (June 2021)

Summary: Attached is the research report completed during the Manchester Pathfinder which looks at serious youth violence and the relationship with adverse childhood experiences.




Serious Youth Violence and its relationship with Adverse Childhood Experience report, completed by Manchester Metropolitan University as part of the YJB-funded Pathfinder Project on Serious Youth Violence the research explores the nature and prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) within the youth justice cohort in Manchester, along with children’s experiences of ACEs and serious youth violence.

In addition, it investigates both children’s and practitioner’s views of youth justice practice, and in particular, the use of trauma-informed interventions. This research involves both youth justice practitioners and children in a participatory co-production approach to developing effective practice to address SYV.

The report gives insight into the influences and pressures experienced by children and their perspective on the involvement of professionals including Youth Justice workers. There are also recommendations for all professionals working with children who have experienced trauma.




Youth offending team: Manchester
Name: Marie Mclaughlin