Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Children – Tower Hamlets Youth Justice Service (March 2021)


Attached below is the link to an online self-assessment that children complete in Tower Hamlets. 


  • Support children to complete self-assessment and have a voice.
  • Support looking at the journey of the child with review and final self-assessments.


Tower Hamlets & the City of London Youth Justice Service have created a self-assessment for children. Since its implementation in November 2020, it has received positive feedback from children.

In order to go through the assessment, it will ask you for an “ID number” at the start. If you enter your name this will distinguish you from the CV number which the children enter. There is also a review and end self-assessment children complete, which are being used to make conclusions on a child- journey.

Implementing the practice:

  • The CV number is generated by Child View Case Management system, this means that the completed assessment can then be identified.
  • The assessment can be printed out, if children do not have access to a computer.
  • Ideally the assessment should be completed by the child on their own, to ensure that there is no pressure on the child to answer what they may believe the assessor may want to hear.
  • Following completion of the self-assessment, the answers are reviewed by the case manager and they inform the full assessment.
  • This self-assessment is used instead of ‘What do You Think’ self-assessment.
  • The self-assessment are saved and uploaded to the case management system


Youth justice service: Tower Hamlets & the City of London Youth Justice Service
Name:Mitchell James