Self Care Wheel – Lewisham Youth Offending Service (May 2020)

Summary: Lewisham YOS use Olga Phoenix self-care wheel to support managers and staff to consider the balance between life and work, especially during COVID-19.




  • To support staff to manage their own needs and retain a balance between work and personal life, especially at times of increased pressure.




Lewisham Youth Offending Service, use Olga Phoenix self-care wheel, which supports and enables individuals to assess the various areas of their life and plan actions to increase self-care. The self-care wheel has six areas; psychological, emotional, spiritual, personal, professional and physical.
Some of the following questions may useful when going through the self-care wheel with staff:

  • Is there a balance?
  • Is there anything you would like to do more?
  • Is there anything you would like to do less?
  • Review it in a month – is there anything new you are doing?
  • What have you noticed about yourself? What have other people noticed about you?



Implementing the practice

  • Lewisham YOS is using the self-care wheel to support staff during COVID-19.
  • The self-care wheel is used at 1:1 supervision with all staff at the YOS.
  • It may be appropriate to review the self-care wheel on a monthly basis to ensure that staff are able to maintain some of the positive aspects identified.




Youth offending team: Lewisham youth offending service
Name: Keith Cohen