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Serious Youth Violence Interim Evaluation Report – West Midlands Pathfinder (April 2021)


An interim evaluation summary and report of the West Midlands Pathfinder work in relation to working effectively with parents and carers.


In September 2020 First Class Foundation were commissioned, through a competitive tender process, to deliver their Kitchen Table Talks programme across Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Wolverhampton and Walsall Services.

First Class Foundation describe Kitchen Table Talks as a culturally competent, psychologically informed peer to peer outreach programme supporting and working closely with the parents of young people involved with the Youth Justice System.

Acting as a bridge between the parents and the youth justice service, the service is designed to support the parents of those most at risk of reoffending by helping them to understand the youth justice system, being a sounding board and relaying information back to the youth justice service to help the service better understand and support the parents.

The interim evaluation, with associated summary report is investigating if and how the development and delivery of Peer Support networks for parents is:

  • working towards reduction in offending/reoffending and reducing the seriousness of offences.
  • improving the quality of relationships between parent/carer and the child
  • influencing parent- confidence, knowledge, wellbeing, parenting style and engagement.

The interim evaluation report also considers recommendations and points to consider moving further to improve the offer to children and parents/carers.


Partner Organisation:West Midlands Violence Reduction Unit 
Name:Esha Jhamat