Gang Related Violence Operation Group - Thurrock YOS (2019)

Summary: The Gang Related Violence Operation Group ensures appropriate and timely sharing of information around children involved or at the periphery of gang related activity
Age: 10 upwards
Sex: n/a
Cost: n/a



Thurrock YOS have created and lead on the Gang Related Violence Operation Group. The group, which is chaired by the YOS GRV lead looks both at children and young people and adult gang nominals. 


The Gang Related Violence Operation Group was put together and created locally. The performance framework was designed to reflect the findings from Thurrock Home Office review (a model based on prevention, disruption and enforcement).

The Group has been in operation for three years and it has been approved and supported by the Gang Related Violence strategic group and Community Safety Partnership.  There are three core elements at the base of the Group - prevent, disrupt and enforce and these are measured separately, as they can often contradict one another (for example through other appropriate groups and meetings).

Attached, there are two documents:

1. Gang related violence group throughput data 2016-17 – this is a document that looks at the data collected in 2016-2017 in regards to the key performance indicators around gang activity
2. Performance Indicators for the Gang Related Violence Group 2016-2017 – this is a document that specifically looks at key performance indicators 



Implementing the Practice:

  • YOS have a GRV lead who created, leads and chairs the GRV Operation Group
  • The meetings are held on a monthly basis
  • The meetings are attended by the YOS, CRC, NPS, Raptor (Essex Police), BTP, Housing and Children Social Care
  • All the information or action plan that comes from the meeting is disseminated back to the original referred and those working directly with the young people
  • The YOS collects the data and analysis the data




YOT: Thurrock YOS
Name: Ceryl Marsh