Stay Safe Trauma Informed Weapons Awareness Programme – Southwark Youth Offending Service (November 2021) Featured

Summary: Attached is Southwark YOS 6 week trauma informed weapons awareness programme to support children’s desistence journey. 




  • To increase children’s knowledge and awareness on knife crime and legal consequences.
  • To provide children with strategies to keep themselves safe without resorting to carrying weapons.


The Stay Safe Trauma Informed Weapons Awareness Programme (TiWAP) delivered by the Southwark youth offending service is a 6 week programme which aims to reduce the prevalence of knife carrying and use by children.  Southwark youth offemding service, have shared the session plans, that should be used to support running the of the programme itself.   

The programme does this by addressing the feelings of unsafety which is hypothesize is a driving force behind many children’s e decision to carry weapons. The programme aims to support child to identify a trusted adult who they can access for help, equip children to recognise the impact on violence and support them with strategies for self-regulation.

It is based on theory of change with four measurable outcomes. The main premise behind TiWAP is that children carry weapons to keep safe.  Middlesex University, is currently undertaking research to evaluate if this programme is effective.


Implementing the practice:

  • The programme can be run both in a group setting or as a 1:1 session.




Youth justice service:  Southwark youth offending service 
Name:  Ana Figueira