Supporting Children on their Journey: Constructive Resettlement Guidance Document – South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium (March 2022)


The South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium have developed and shared a guidance document with associated templates and resources to support children on their resettlement journey from pre- to post-custody.


The South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium have shared their supporting children on their resettlement journey: a guidance document, produced as part of the Pathfinder strand of work.

The guidance is designed to outline the resettlement journey that a child takes from pre-custody through to post-custody and was developed to bring together some of the practice, to share links to research, examples of ‘what works’ and useful checklists to use at resettlement meetings. The guidance is intended to support the implementation of a child-first and outcome-focused approach to working with children on their resettlement journey.

The guide is split into 2 main sections; the first section gives an overview of the research around effective resettlement approaches and the second section is a practitioner- guide that provides advice and examples at each stage of the resettlement process including, pre-custody, custody, and post-custody.

There are a variety of templates that have been shared from across youth justice services in England including;

  • resettlement checklist,
  • pre-sentence report checklist,
  • initial planning meeting record and plan,
  • initial planning meeting checklist,
  • review meeting record,
  • plan and review planning meeting checklist,
  • release preparation meeting records,
  • plan and release preparation meeting checklist.

The South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium have also collated the following documents that can be printed into A3 format.

  • effective resettlement (beyond youth custody), 
  • a framework for resettlement services (beyond youth custody),
  • youth justice practitioner custody process guide,
  • all about family board games (page 82 in the guidance). 


Youth justice service:South and West Yorkshire Resettlement Consortium 
Name: Jo Sykes