Supporting Conversations About Difference with Children: Effective Practice Briefing – Youth Custody Service (June 2021)


Access to Youth Custody Service briefing concerning supporting conversations about difference with children. 


Youth Custody Service have produced a variety of Effective Practice Briefings, which have been produced by the Youth Custody Service Quality Development Team.

The briefings are based on up-to-date evidence and engagement with children, staff and key stakeholders. They provide concise and easily accessible advice and guidance for front-line staff. They are not intended as a complete review of all evidence but an initial summary of helpful information and guidance. 

Supporting Conversations About Difference highlights the importance of having open, meaningful and effective conversations surrounding difference. Substantial resources and a range of practical measures are featured in the briefing to allow staff to hold conversations on embracing differences and supporting children and young people to feel proud about their identity and what makes them different.