Supporting Muslim Children: Effective Practice Briefing – Youth Custody Service (June 2021)


Attached below is a briefing from YCS concerning supporting children who are Muslim. 


Youth Custody Service have produced a variety of Effective Practice Briefings, which have been produced by the YCS Quality Development Team. The briefings are based on up-to-date evidence and engagement with children, staff and key stakeholders. They provide concise and easily accessible advice and guidance for front-line staff. They are not intended as a complete review of all evidence but an initial summary of helpful information and guidance. 

Attached below is the briefing concerning supporting Muslim children.  This briefing covers a range of practice that will enable staff to understand and respond to the needs of children who follow the Islamic faith. It suggests a range of very practical measures to help staff demonstrate that they have considered and responded to the child- individual circumstances which may help to minimise any unnecessary barriers to engagement and building trust.