Statistics resources

Published: 25/01/2024

Summary: Access to yearly updated youth justice related statistical data published by the Youth Justice Board, Ministry of Justice and Home Office.
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Weapons Intervention Toolkit – Oxfordshire Youth Justice and Exploitation Service (Updated December 2022)

Published: 23/01/2023

Summary: Oxfordshire Youth Justice and Exploitation Service have shared their weapons awareness toolkit aimed at supporting children to better understand the reasons behind why some young people carry weapons and learn positive social and relational skills to manage their personal safety and risk in the community.
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Guidelines on the Cautioning and Charging of Knife Crime Offences – National Police Chiefs’ Council and Crown Prosecution Service (2022)

Published: 05/10/2022

Summary: The College of Policing have published updated guidance on cautioning and charging of knife crime offences, which should be used to shape police response and Crown Prosecution Service decision making in offences related to knife crime, including those committed by children.
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Stay Safe Trauma Informed Weapons Awareness Programme – Southwark Youth Justice Service (Updated April 2022)

Published: 17/12/2021

Summary Southwark youth justice service have shared their trauma informed weapons awareness programme to support children-desistance journey.  Description The Stay Safe Trauma Informed Weapons Awareness Programme (TiWAP) delivered by the Southwark Youth Justice Service is a 6-week programme which aims to reduce the prevalence of knife carrying and use by children, increase children- knowledge and awareness…
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Weapon Detection Measures in youth justice services – various youth justice services (October 2021)

Published: 28/10/2021

Summary: Weapons detection measures employed in the buildings of Bradford, Hillingdon, Lambeth, Luton and Waltham Forest youth justice services.
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Contextualised Peer Group Assessment Summary – East Sussex Youth Offending Team (November 2020)

Published: 13/09/2021

Description During the COVID lockdown between March to July 2020, Children- Services and Sussex Police saw an increase and changes within the risk presentation of those children victim to criminal exploitation in the Hastings area. Changes included increased and extended missing episodes out of county; offending relating to drug supply and possession of weapons; and…
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Youth justice service presentations from Developing Practice Prevention and Diversion Workshops 2021 – various youth justice services (spring-summer 2021)

Published: 07/09/2021

Summary: A variety of presentations concerning prevention and diversion practice in youth justice services around England.
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Serious Case Reviews Overview – Various (updated July 2023)

Published: 03/02/2021

Summary: Access to several briefings concerned with learning following serious case reviews. Description: The College of Policing have published a short briefing exploitation, county lines, threats and weapons: learning from two serious case review, following the death of Chris (Newham) and Child C (Waltham Forest). Hillingdon Local Authority Safeguarding Partnership have published the independent review…
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When to Call the Police: Guidance for Schools and Colleges – National Police Chiefs’ Council (February 2020)

Published: 12/05/2020

Summary: Access to the guidance created by the National Police Chief’s Council for schools and colleges in regards to when it is appropriate to involve the police.
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