The Box Training (October 2018) (updated 2022)

The Box Training (October 2018) (updated 2022)
Summary: The training is aimed at supporting staff with developing an understanding of what communication difficulties are and the possible impact on the individual and on the work with them.




The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapy has created e-learning training aimed at those working in the criminal justice system, The Box.

 The training further aims to:

  • Develop knowledge and understanding of SLCN – what they are and the effect they can have on someone’s behaviour
  • Recognise the signs that someone may have SLCN, and know where to go for further support
  •  Find out how to use screening tools to check for SLCN
  •  Learn how to apply different support strategies to help people with SLCN to understand and engage in the justice process
  •  Understand the legal responsibilities and how they apply to you and your work with people with SLCN