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Workforce Development

This section includes information published by the YJB to support young justice professionals in their development.

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Training Resources

This section includes other training materials freely available to youth justice professionals.

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  • Youth Justice Workforce Development Strategy 2017-2020
    The Youth Justice Board (YJB) is committed to the development of a professional Youth Justice (YJ) workforce that is highly skilled and motivated so they can be more effective in their work with young people in the youth justice sector. For the forthcoming period (2017 - 2020), a strategy has…
  • Restorative Justice training
    Access to the The Restorative Justice resource on the YJILS part of the site has been closed.  The YJB are working to develop alternative information but training materials and resources with examples and video clips can be found on the Restorative Justice Council website. Some of these resources are also…