What is the Youth Justice Resource Hub?


Previously the YJB provided a range of online resources (such as the Youth Justice Interactive Learning Space or YJILS and the former Effective Practice Library) on different web sites. The aim of the Youth Justice Resource Hub (the Hub) has been to bring these resources into one place, creating a single online resource for the youth justice community. The Hub has been designed, and will continue to be updated, to improve knowledge management, dissemination of effective practice, organisational and individual learning, and interactive information sharing. Its purpose is to:

  • Provide professionals in the youth justice system with access to a range of resources including the latest evidence/research on youth justice, examples of good practice, information on effective interventions and approaches, briefing on key topics, learning programmes, toolkits and other skills frameworks/qualifications.
  • Link information and knowledge under the YJB’s ‘Centre of Excellence’ approach for youth justice and related ‘what works’ and evidence-based organisations. This will enable the youth justice workforce to be better informed of the evidence available to them and enable them to be more effective in their work.
  • Allow those developing and using innovative practice to share through forums, webinars and submission what they have found to be effective in working with young people and delivering youth justice services.
  • Provide an improved search function for users of all YJB resources.


An updated learning and development space

The Youth Justice Interactive Learning Space or YJILS - YJILS is the YJB’s online learning platform which contains a range of interactive programmes for professionals including films, multi choice questions and case studies. This space has been updated to enable better course tracking and recording of courses.

The Youth Justice Learning and Skills Matrix -The Matrix provides a template for professionals to measure their personal development. It covers 8 skill areas (e.g. Assessment) and identifies the competences required in youth justice from entry level to strategic leadership to achieve them. There is also a guidance document explaining how it can be used and templates for self/peer assessment.

The Effective Practice Certificate and Awards - This is a level 5 learning course which is accredited by Skills for Justice awards and focuses on the principles of effective practice and how these are applied to youth justice work. Information in this area will provide a background to the Certificate and links to further information about where you can find out more.

The Hub also includes materials for youth justice governance (such as Management Boards, Magistrates, secure estate managers etc.). These materials will help individuals who are new to the management role pick up an overview of the youth justice system and some basic crucial knowledge quickly.


Improved effective practice

The Library of Effective Approaches - This is the YJB’s online collection of appraised examples of interventions for youth justice professionals. It provides people with easy access to examples of evaluated effective practice in use in other services and by other providers.

Practice Examples - These are unevaluated examples of practice in use in other services and by other providers.

Research Publications/Summaries of Evidence – This area of the Hub includes publications outlining the findings from the YJB’s social research activities and bespoke briefings on key topics.

Toolkits - A range of professional toolkits are available here for quick and easy access to performance improvement resources enabling youth justice workers to identify and address areas of under-achievement, risk or change.

Evaluation/Theory of Change resources - The YJB has previously developed a series of evaluation tools including webinars and evaluation training on issues such as theory of change. These resources are now available on the Hub.

Youth Justice Research Map - This is a map of ongoing academic research on youth justice for professionals to keep abreast of the latest developments and inform decisions on future research.


A space for the youth justice community

Question and Answer Forum - This is an interactive, access controlled, area where youth justice professionals can discuss and question each other on a range of issues relating to their work. The YJB anticipates that different topics will be posted and explored with practice, research, evidence and knowledge exchanged. You will need to apply for a log in to be able to post and respond.

Information about Volunteering - The Hub also contains information about volunteering within the youth justice system such as an introductory course explaining how the youth justice system operates, volunteering opportunities and details for embarking on a career in youth justice.

Relevant external links - Finally this space includes signposting and links to other related material and external sites.