What should I do if I want an account on the Youth Justice Resource Hub?


Many of the resources on this site are freely accessible for all. However to access the training resources on the migrated YJILS resources and the Question and Answer forum you will need to register for an account.


Professionals connected to YOTs and secure establishments are automatically entitled to a user account through their YOT, as are members of the YJB who can obtain the relevant log in details from the Hub administrators.


You will need to set up an account regardless of whether you already have an account on the old YJILS site.


How do I set up an account?


You will need to click on the ‘Register’ button available towards the top left hand corner of any page on the site. This will take you to a registration page. To register you will need to enter the following:


  • Your name

  • A username (This should be all one word, i.e. without spaces or special characters, and in lower case. We also request that you use your name rather than a pseudonym)

  • A password (This needs to be a minimum of 10 letters with at least one capital and one number)

  • Your email address (Preferably your organisational email)

  •  Finally you will need to complete the box marked ‘Group’

If you click on the down arrow on the right of the box marked ‘Select Group’ this will bring up a drop down list. Select the appropriate group to which you belong e.g. AdelBeck, Bury Youth Offending Team. This will bring up a box asking for a ‘Group Access Key’ (you may also know this as your ‘Reg. Code’ from the old YJILS site). If you know what this is please enter it in the box. You will then need to accept the Terms of service and click on the button marked ‘Register’.

If you do not know your ‘Group Access Key’ you should approach your YOT or establishment manager/administrator in the first instance. If you are a YOT or establishment manager/administrator and are not sure of what your organisations Group Access Key is, please either contact your local Partnership Advisor or Performance Monitor, or use the Contact Us form, and we will provide this to you.


When you submit your account for registration this should generate an automatic email from the site which will ask you to click on a link to activate your account. This should take a few minutes to come through but please check your email account's Spam or Junk folder to ensure the message was not filtered.


Please let us know via the Contact Us form if you do not receive this automatic email when you are trying to register.


If you used to have 'management' or 'administrator' access for your organisation this will also need to be set up on your new account. Please get in touch with us using the Contact Us form and we can do this for you.


Youth justice professionals working in partner and stakeholder organisations, such as NACRO or SERCO for example can apply for user accounts on a case by case basis. If you would like a user account please get in touch via the Contact Us form, making sure that you use your official organisational e-mail address and explaining why you would like an account.